Our Weave Marketing Intelligence Data Security, Legal, and Privacy Policy are outlined here

Data Security Statement

Please review for specifics on how we work with you.

Privacy Policy

You are important to us, we respect your privacy and have outlined our methods here.

Drop Box Trust Center

Check out the wealth of resources and documents on your data security right at Dropbox.com



Your Projects and Data ...Stored With Trust and with You in control

Dropbox Enterprise

We are a Dropbox Reseller and Enterprise user too.  Data Integrity is achieved by partnering with Enterprise Dropbox.  By having application API integration our between Enterprise DropBox and Weave Marketing Intelligence, this means your information stored encrypted, secure, trackable, and you are in control of it 24/7.


The Dropbox security checkup tool

Dropbox has a security checkup tool that helps you keep your account and data safe. Specifically, it helps you:

  • Review the email address on your account
  • Review the computers, phones, and tablets you use to access Dropbox
  • Review the third-party apps you've linked to your account
  • Change and strengthen your account password
  • Review two-step verification (if you have it enabled for your account)